Specification and Review Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4

Product Details Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 Black - as the most anticipated robot devices this year , the Samsung Galaxy S4 seem to satisfy your expectations are a smartphone . As a disciple to accompany your life , the Samsung Galaxy S4 helps you to induce nearer and shoot fun and favorite moments once shared . each feature is intended to form your life straightforward .

Premium smartphone is powered  by Samsung's flagship octo-core processors ( 8 cores ) and are victimisation the robot OS 4.2.2 candy . Shown with a agent style and Full HD Super AMOLED screen activity 5" , Samsung Galaxy S4 therefore pretty to seem at. Capture precious moments with friends or with a thirteen MP camera and Full HD video quality . Adding all the charms of S4 , a range of distinctive skills with motion detection limbs like Air Gesture screen scrolling therefore you'll be able to simply sweep the screen while not touching the screen and additionally good Pause the video playback can stop once you draw back from the phone . with a range of alternative good technologies , the Samsung Galaxy S4 , perpetually there for you .

Specification Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4

Screen 5" Full HD Super AMOLED
So real , so natural . expertise the detail of a picture on a screen size of 5" Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which provides crystal clear show and wealthy color . Combined with an excellent AMOLED screen can gift a high distinction and saturation . Beraspek used screen 16:9 quantitative relation that creates angle a broad perspective . once operative barely screen , the screen won't have to be compelled to worry regarding scratches . three With Corning Gorilla gorilla Glass , won't hinder you to get pleasure from its screen is therefore responsive . enjoying games , looking at movies or doing numerous alternative applications would be a lot of fun .

Slim style
Samsung Galaxy S4 with style resembles the previous generation , however the S3 comes with a a lot of slim and light-weight . With a thickness of 0.79 cm and weighs 0:13 kilogram , this smartphone is therefore light-weight to be grasped . cowl is formed ​​of polycarbonate material that is light-weight nonetheless sturdy and solid metal within the sides offer a sublime look .

Story Album
Feature that presents Associate in Nursing album for each moment . Have Samsung GALAXY S4 , Associate in Nursingd organize photos in an album supported a selected sequence of events or bespoke the means you wish. you'll be able to even apply a subject and select a range of layouts . Lastly, you'll be able to print and save all the unforgettable memory in your hands .

Enjoy With Friends ( cluster Play )
Invite all of your friends along and allow them to get pleasure from the music along . Connect a Samsung GALAXY S4 mobile phones to play games and share photos and documents . Unite and connect the Samsung GALAXY S4 phones along and make a robust electronic equipment to induce the sound quality a lot of enticing and gift an excellent party .

Capture each Moment In One icon
Get the order of photos in a very single frame to form a series of moments that tell the story higher than simply photos. Catch each drama helps you to take a series of images of any moving subject and place them along - therefore you'll be able to see the action thoroughly , seamlessly united into one icon is incredibly dynamic .

Sounds In Your image
Every image you're taking along with your Samsung GALAXY S4 will enter the sound . therefore currently you'll be able to keep in mind what you 've aforesaid , play , and hear , not simply what appearance|it's} like looks . This feature adds another import you joy , to assist revive your memory , and additionally share any pictures with richer quality .

dual Camera
Two cameras manufacture a picture that you simply assume is outstanding. Capture the impression of ' i used to be there ' , and save your life moment by taking photos victimisation the front and rear camera . Get the image you wish with a lot of numerous designs for you to decide on . With twin Shot , friends and family are within the moment with you , notwithstanding however distant they're .

Octo - core performance
Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a performance that doesn't play . Processor with the facility of Octa - Core 1.6 gigahertz and 2 GB of RAM is about up to be ready to carry a range of options that haven't been gift in previous smartphone . known as Octa - Core processor for four ready to support the facility of the performance , whereas the remaining four for tasks that aren't too strenuous and to save lots of power .

S Voice
Through this feature you'll be able to speak along with your smartphone as opposition talking sort of a man through a selected voice commands . S Voice will notice any queries or voice commands to activate the functions / options that area unit given within the Samsung Galaxy S III , starting from business , causation SMS and e - mails , regulate volume , play songs , set cue once the camera started taking photos et al . you'll be able to even tell the Samsung Galaxy S III to show off the alarm for a number of minutes and allow you to retreat to to sleep .

Smart Pause
No got to press the pause button whereas looking at a video that's being distorted on the screen . With good Pause feature , the video itself enter Pause mode once you draw back from the screen and Resume once you looked back at the phone screen . Now , you are doing not got to lose the instant video in seconds even supposing .

Water read / Air Gesture
Samsung improve your smartphone expertise with a more robust means , like Air Gesture following options . This feature permits you to answer calls just by waving the phone over the phone while not pressing the screen . Not solely that , amendment the music , surfboarding the web in addition as get pleasure from the vary of the camera catches . It's that straightforward . whereas Air read permits you to centre the content , photos , email and access the speed dial simply by inserting the hand at a distance of regarding five cm before of the screen , even once you area unit sporting gloves .

Samsung WatchON
Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 with a home diversion system and create it as a TV guide . This feature can offer you suggestions for your numerous programs supported the schedule of events and a channel for you , and even a foreign for your TV . you simply sit and watch tv with ease whereas holding the Samsung Galaxy S4 and let the phone do the remainder for you .

Samsung HomeSync
If you frequently store a range of information in cloud computing systems , Samsung HomeSync a private system of cloud computing for the total family diversion . With a capability of one TB , Samsung HomeSync can store photos and video directly when taken . Bring all of your robot games , movies , TV shows and streaming content on to your lounge . additionally equipped with Mirror Mouse , special navigation contained within the Galaxy S4 , makes things easier .

S Health
Continue to move and keep healthy with the Samsung Galaxy S4 . This phone can record all coaching records , daily intake and weight . Prepare info regarding your surroundings to support all the activities of your health by Comfort Level . This feature can show the amount of humidness and temperature , daily medical examination progress and alternative things . Motivation to exercise and keep healthy , has ne'er been easier .

Display adapt
Rest your eyes and let the Samsung Galaxy S4 set the zoom . With seven automatic mode and manual mode four , this phone provides the optimum expertise to get pleasure from the show . Watch videos , games , books , and e-mail with a tremendous screen quality . perfect tense read with Samsung Galaxy S4 .

indigenous Sound
Listen to any song rebound with good kesemibangan volume of output that's designed for you . Samsung Galaxy S4 is in a position to lift or lower the sound output consistent with your hearing , sound supply additionally preferences that you simply set . Samsung Galaxy S4 offer the optimum sound expertise for you .

chat On
Get a lot of ways in which to speak . Share what is on your screen with one in every of your friends , even though you 're each in 2 all totally different places , you'll be able to still try this besama . Share what is on the screen and provides the phone to facilitate communication accessibility . Also , use fun options like dynamical the background and funny mask result to speak expertise a lot of fascinating . Connect you with 2 friends or family a lot of closely .

Features Samsung Hub
With special options Samsung's Social Hub , permitting you to integrate and have access to email , instant electronic messaging , and social networking accounts in real -time through a portal with a lot of ease . Bring all of your social media world , and have the planet at your fingertips